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A collection of reports and photos of Iran’s natural beauties

Migratory Birds in Iran’s Miankaleh Peninsula (27)

Migratory Birds in Iran’s Miankaleh Peninsula

Known as “the birds’ paradise”, Miankaleh in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran attracts many migratory birds every year.

Autumn in Steel Lagoon of Astara in north of Iran

Photo by Mehdi Hossein Nejadi, Mehr News Agency
Iran’s Beauties in Photos Stone Garden of Kerman (2)

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Stone Garden of Kerman

The stone garden of Kerman in southern Iran is an irregular rectangular area containing trees with fruits made of stone.

Mesr Desert; A Gem in Central Iran

The Mesr Desert is one of Iran's most spectacular deserts that attracts many tourists each year.
Gorgeous Desert Lake Created in Hottest Spot on Earthvideo

Lut Desert Gorgeous Lake in Hottest Spot on Earth

The flooding which struck Iran's southeastern Kerman province in early spring this year has created a beautiful lake in the heart of Lut Desert regarded as the hottest spot on earth.

Farmers in Shahreza Start Harvesting Pomegranate

Local farmers in the town of Shahreza in Isfahan province, central Iran, have started harvesting pomegranate.
Gavkhouni Wetland (9)

Iran’ Beauties in Photos: Autumn in Gavkhouni Wetland

Registered as a wetland of international importance, Gavkhouni is a well-known pond in Isfahan province, the central plateau of Iran.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Autumn in Hamadan

The city of Hamadan and its surroundings are highly attractive for tourists looking for the beauties of autumn.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Sale Dome of Qom

The salt dome of Qom, located 15 kilometres away from the Qom-Jafarieh road, is considered a unique phenomenon in central Iran.

Ranger Portrays Pristine Nature of Golestan National Park

Mohsen Haddadi, a ranger protecting Golestan National park in northern Iran, has created a photo collection of the beautiful area’s wildlife during a one-year period.

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