Saturday, December 9, 2023

Iranian Company Develops Advanced Air Pollution Monitoring Devices

An Iranian knowledge-based company has manufactured advanced devices for flue gas analysis, emission and particulate matter measurement, and air purification.

CEO of the Iranian company said it has manufactured several knowledge-based products, including a chimney particle counter used for monitoring industrial air pollution levels at the factories.

Alireza Noorpoor said the homegrown device makes accurate and online measurement of the emission and particulate matter, fulfills the needs of many industries, laboratories and research centers, and contributes to the strategies to reduce air pollution.

He said the company has also manufactured the portable and stationary versions of a particulate matter measurement device that works with two methods to monitor air pollution and analyze the environmental hazards.

The new monitoring device, manufactured at a much lower cost than the foreign machines, is an ideal substitute for the costly air pollution monitoring stations in the cities, the CEO added.

Another products developed by the Iranian knowledge-based company include air purifiers for home and industrial purposes.

The air cleaning and purifying devices utilize nanomaterial filters and are widely used by the universities, factories, research centers, municipalities, environmental organizations, and the gas and petrochemical industries, he said.

Noorpoor finally pointed to the distinguishing features of a filtration device installed on the industrial fume extraction hoods, saying the gear can absorb gas emission at municipal factories with an efficacy rate of above 90 percent.

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