Saturday, April 1, 2023

Iran Uses Nanotech, Medicinal Herbs to Make Antimicrobial Clothes

Iranian researchers have used nanotechnology and medicinal plants to produce hospital clothes and bed sheets which reduce infection in the hospital environment.

The clothes and sheets, which have been patented in Iran, are not only antimicrobial, but can make one relaxed.

The hospital clothes and sheets contain copper nanoparticles as well as Eucalyptus oil, and have been produced to help decrease infection in the hospital environment, including post-surgery infection as well as infection passed from person to person through touching.

The products can soothe local pain and help those hospitalized get a good sleep, according to a report by Mehr News Agency.

The sheets also have anti-inflammatory properties, which is the result of copper nanoparticles and Eucalyptus oil being synthesized and loaded onto cotton fabric.

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In addition to helping reduce infection and giving relaxation, the products will decrease respiratory infection as well.

The products have been displayed at a festival showcasing innovations in the medical equipment sector.

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