Sunday, April 21, 2024

Iran urges UN to hold Zionist regime accountable for its inhumane acts

Iran’s representative at the Political and Decolonization Committee of the UN General Assembly has condemned Israel’s threats and called on the international community to hold the regime to account over its inhumane acts.

The Iranian diplomat said the Zionist regime continues to violate the basic rights and dignity of Palestinians and other Arab people in the territories it has occupied.

The diplomat said the Palestinian people are denied their right to their homeland and properties and have been forced to leave their homes through intimidation, terror and aggression.

He added that Palestinians have also been deprived of their right to determine their fate under a so-called “Jewish state”.

Iran’s representatives also said the Zionist regime has stepped up its settlement expansions and land grabs in Palestinian territories at a time when the whole world is busy fighting the Covid pandemic.

The diplomat referred to the Israeli siege of Gaza and the continued occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights by the regime and its encroachment on territories of other regional countries, saying such acts have endangered regional and international peace and security.

Iran’s Permanent Representative at the UN Majid Takht Ravanchi also condemned the Israeli regime’s allegations against the Islamic Republic in a speech at the world body.

Takht Ravanchi said Tel Aviv’s claims are aimed at distracting the international community from tis crimes against Palestinians and from the threat the regime’s nuclear arms pose to the region and the world.

He also urged the international community to force Israel into stopping its nuclear activities and joining the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, NPT.

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