Friday, December 2, 2022

Iran to Inaugurate Hundreds of Medical Projects

More than 2,300 medical and health projects will come on stream across Iran in celebration of the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

During the ten-day celebrations marking the anniversary of victory of the Islamic Revolution, a total of 2,321 health and treatment projects are inaugurated at the medical universities across Iran.

The new projects include 132 rural healthcare facilities, 176 comprehensive health centres, and 13 laboratories.

Moreover, a total of 79 projects will be inaugurated in the emergency medical service sector, including 18 pre-hospital emergency medicine centres, 11 hospital emergency departments, 44 emergency road service centres, as well as 6 projects for air medical and maritime emergency services.

Furthermore, 67 hospital wards will be completed or furnished during the ten-day period, 257 intensive care and 438 ordinary hospital beds will come on stream, 9 administrative buildings will be inaugurated at the hospitals, and 16 new buildings will open at the universities and faculties of Iran.

The Revolution victory anniversary will also mark the opening of 10 new hospitals with a total of 927 beds, 160 physician centres, 10 university and faculty buildings, and 27 special clinics.


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