Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Iran’s stealth drones capable of striking MKO base in Albania: Iranian Paper

A state-run Iranian newspaper says the country is in possession of radar-evading unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which it can use to strike the base of the anti-Iran Mojahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist group in Albania.

“Iran’s drone or missile capabilities are not limited to the geographical area of neighboring countries; rather, Iran enjoys so many capabilities in the aerospace sector, especially in the domain of drones, that it can easily target the MKO base in Tirana,” wrote the government’s official newspaper، Iran.

“Iran has stealth suicide and combat drones which can travel far beyond the distance between Iran and Albania and strike the target,” the daily added.

The government’s official outlet also touched upon a statement released by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry in which it has highlighted the MKO’s role in the recent unrest in several Iranian cities.

In the statement, the ministry announced that some of the rioters arrested are MKO members.

“Under international law, when a terrorist group blatantly jeopardizes the security of a country and openly admits to its acts, that country is legitimately entitled to target the base and members of that group, exactly similar to what happened in Iraq’s northern region against terror groups stationed there, or what happened against the ISIS terrorist group in Syria,” the Iran newspaper noted.

In other words, added the paper, Iran reserves the right, due to the MKO’s acts of terror, to target their base.

The MKO terror group was forced to leave Iraq in 2016 after it faced opposition from the Iraqi government and people, and was stationed in Albania as planned by the US.

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