New details about French police raid on headquarters of MKO 

An informed source told Iran's IRNA News Agency that the French police raided a building that was a secret headquarters of the anti-Iran terrorist group calling itself Mojahedin Khalgh Organization.  

The source added that the MKO also used the building for eavesdropping on people’s telephone calls and as a television studio.

The French authorities seized all the equipment including important files pertaining to the MKO’s espionage activities against Iran.

The informed source further said that three members of the group were arrested during the raid.

According to the source, during a trial session at a court in Paris, the prosecutor’s representative divulged the role of the MKO’s television channel in provoking acts of violence and terrorism against the people of Iran.

The MKO is responsible for thousands of deaths in Iran in the 1980s and later. The terror group is also notorious for allying itself with Saddam’s regime, an arch-enemy of Iran, during the Iraqi imposed war in the 1980s.

This alliance culminated during a Baathist-backed offensive against Iran by the MKO with the aim of capturing Tehran but the group’s members were heavily defeated in the fighting that ensued and many of them were killed or captured.

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