Saturday, December 9, 2023

Iran Starts Fining Citizens Not Wearing Face Mask

Cash fines for Iranian citizens not respecting health protocols amid the coronavirus outbreak have been determined, and were announced by President Hassan Rouhani.

“Based on the decision adopted today by the National Coronavirus Headquarters, anyone who appears in society without a mask will be fined 500,000 rials, which must be paid in two weeks’ time,” President Rouhani said during a Saturday meeting of the National Coronavirus Headquarters.

“If those who have contracted coronavirus and are going through their quarantine period appear in society during the obligatory quarantine term will have to pay IRR 2 million in fines for each time they commit the offence,” he said.

The fines must be paid to the Health Ministry’s bank account to be announced by authorities accordingly, he added.

The president noted everybody in society must wear face masks.

He further said police, Basij forces and health officials will monitor the enforcement of the directive.

He added that, businesses, too, are obliged to abide by health protocols.

“Business owners must not only observe health directives, but also offer services only to people who comply with these protocols,” he noted.

“Businesses which fail to abide by health protocols, will first be reminded to comply; the next time, they will be fined IRR 3 million; they will have to pay IRR 10 million the third time, and if they breach health protocols for the fourth time, their businesses will be closed,” he said.

The president said taxi drivers will be fined as well if they themselves fail to wear masks or if they give a ride to passengers not wearing masks.

President Rouhani underlined that $100 million has been allocated to purchasing COVID-19 diagnosis kits.

He then noted the government will also provide funding for 10,000 extra coronavirus tests.
He underline that the elderly make up most of the coronavirus fatalities, urging old people to be more careful.

The president also thank all those who observe health protocols.

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