Iran Second Only to China in Terms of Coronavirus Recovery

COVID-19 in Iran: Number of New Infections Drops for 10th Day in Row

Global statistics indicate that Iran ranks second in the world, after China, in terms of the number of people recovered from the novel coronavirus.

As of Monday, March 2, 2020, 291 patients have recovered from the COVID-19 and been discharged from hospital, according to Iran’s Health Ministry.

This puts Iran second only to China with 44,801 cases of recovery.

Iran has been battling against the coronavirus since 19 February 2020 when the first cases of infections were confirmed by the country’s officials.

The death toll from the epidemic in Iran has risen to 66, and the total number of confirmed cases of infection has reached 1051, according to the Health Ministry spokesman.

Despite the brutal sanctions imposed by the US against the country, Iranian experts have managed to develop homegrown diagnostic kits for the novel coronavirus, and is to mass-produce the kits in coming days.

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