Thursday, May 26, 2022

Iran Renews Call for Cooperation among All Persian Gulf States

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has once again raised the idea of establishing a Regional Dialogue Forum to enhance cooperation among the Persian Gulf states.

In a Monday message on the National Persian Gulf Day, annually marked in Iran on April 30, Zarif extended his sincere congratulations to all those who have, for thousands of years, lived peacefully along the coasts of this body of water.

“Persian Gulf is not just a body of water. The historical reality which we have known as the Persian Gulf for thousands of years is a valuable legacy passed to us by our ancestors who lived for years in the littoral areas,” Zarif noted.

“The Persian Gulf is the origin of a set of cultural and local values which have been integrated into our regional identity and life. Drawing on the legacy, this body of water has turned into a symbol of our region’s history and culture,” the Iranian top diplomat added.

“The Persian Gulf, which we have inherited from our ancestors and will pass to the future generations as a lasting legacy, has long been home to the most critical trade and energy transit corridors,” Zarif said.

He further noted that the body of water must be a strong region and a scene of cooperation, security and endogenous peace, and this becomes possible only through dialogue, cooperation and trust-building measures.

“The idea of establishing a Regional Dialogue Forum has been raised as a practical step to this effect,” he added.

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