Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Iran President Unveils ‘Smart Distancing’ Plan to Fight COVID-19

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has unveiled a "smart social distancing" plan due to be enforced across the country as a new phase of measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Speaking at a Saturday meeting of the National Headquarters to Fight the Coronavirus, President Rouhani said the country seeks to follow up on its existing physical distancing plan with a new “smart distancing” initiative to curb the outbreak of COVID-19.

He noted that the first and second phases of the physical distancing plan had attained “good achievements”.

“Currently, we are in the third phase which consists of smart distancing; its specifications have to be laid out,” President Rouhani said.

The president called on the chairpersons of committees of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters to assess the situation carefully and make decisions about the details of the new plan.

Varied and extensive protocols for the fight against the coronavirus should be defined carefully in all fields, proportional to various businesses, for the reopening period after making sure that following the previous stages, the conditions have been stabilized, he emphasized.

The president underlined that the new health protocols for smart social distancing should be devised in such a way that all people in various sectors may rest assured that their health would be protected with a high degree of confidence by observing the protocols if they get out of the house or work.

On Tuesday, Rouhani extended social distancing measures until April 8 to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus across the country.

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