Iran Launches Knowledge Sharing Network for Medical Staff Fighting Corona

Iran Launches Knowledge Sharing Network for Medical Staff Fighting Corona

Tehran University of Medical Sciences and an Iranian social network of healthcare professionals have launched a joint knowledge sharing network that enables the health workforce to share their experiences in managing, containing and curing the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19.

The new knowledge sharing network, dubbed TritApp, has been established under an agreement between Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the social network of Iranian healthcare professionals, including professors, students, experts, and researchers, the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology reported.

The key point in the knowledge sharing network is working on professional frameworks of the activities in the battle with coronavirus and preventing the specialized subjects from being disseminated to the public.

Medical experts believe that laxity in the spread of specialized subjects in the media and social networks would increase the probability of false rumors and unnecessary concerns in the society.

TritApp involves a group of selected healthcare professionals offering a range of services.

One of the main features of the knowledge sharing network, called “Iran Asks, China Answers”, has come on stream under supervision of professors at Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex of Iran. The feature allows for direct and immediate contacts between the Iranian and Chinese health workforces fighting against COVID-19 in Tehran and Wuhan.

TritApp also includes a feature that allows the experts to share their “one-minute experiences” of the battle with coronavirus.

The network is also scheduled to allow for the online sharing of lessons, findings and experiences of the healthcare managers and experts in order to re-implement the successful experiences in the other hospitals and prevent a recurrence of mistakes amid the coronavirus crisis.

The health workforces can upload videos, podcasts and texts about their findings on TritApp. The contents will be then reviewed and evaluated by the experienced professors of Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex, and become available for the other users after verification.

The knowledge sharing network also includes a digital database of the latest articles, guidelines and lessons on handling, controlling and curing COVID-19. The Iranian experts can receive the contents in Persian and English after they are translated from Chinese.

TritApp also lets the Chinese expert teams share the latest videos and educational contents with Iranian physicians.

Moreover, the Iranian experts can share their experience of fight against COVID-19 with their colleagues in the neighboring countries and other parts of the world. A large number of healthcare professionals from Afghanistan and Iraq have now joined the new knowledge sharing network.

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  1. This is wonderful. Bpth countries have learned a lot in their fight against covid-19. Right now in my country, Canada, there is a ban on using hydroxychloroquine by doctors for covid-19, with Health Authorities saying there is no studies to date of its usefulness for this virus. The United States has just ordered 16 million doses for their doctors there to use at their discretion off-label because of the studies they have that show there is therapeutic benefit. This data base you have set up would go a long way of preventing such divergence of opinion. It would make available very recent research from the international community in language medical staff/researchers can understand. I hope this data base will suceed to such proportions that the whole world will partake. Congratulations!


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