Due to the recent heavy rainfalls, the water level of Churat Lake in northern Iran has considerably increased this year, to the point of flooding the surrounding trees.

Churat Lake is located between Sari and Kiasar in Manzandaran province, northern Iran. It was created in 1318 after an earthquake that blocked the way of a neighbouring spring water.

Situated in the gap of a high-slope valley, the lake is surrounded by pristine forests and old trees, and has a long oval shape. Its depth varies depending on the amount of seasonal rainfalls.

The car routes to Churat Lake are closed at the moment because of the coronavirus outbreak; so you have to walk a long way to reach it. Also, all the roads around the lake are completely flooded due to the rising water, and it is not possible to promenade in the area.

What follows are ISNA’s photos of Churat Lake this spring:


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