Saturday, December 3, 2022

Iran Calls for Global Action on Climate Change

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has called on all states and governments across the world to pay serious attention to the “horrible” phenomenon of climate change.

In a Monday statement, the spokesman expressed regret over the deaths of tens of people in Canada over the extreme heat and offered sympathy to the Canadian nation.

He urged all the countries and governments in the world to remain committed to their pledges in addressing the climate change phenomenon.

Qassemi said the issue of climate change and its dire consequences must be taken seriously as it takes the lives of thousands of people annually and leaves various species of animals and plants dead.

He said all the states and governments should fulfil their pledges to address the issue saying the phenomenon is threatening the future of the earth.

Qassemi also blasted the US government for pulling out of international treaties like the Paris Agreement and violating its international commitments.

He then urged all big industrial states to remain committed to their pledges in addressing the issue of climate change saying the states have a share in emitting the greenhouse gas and other pollutants and consequently contributing to the global warming and other natural disasters like droughts and dust storms across the world.

At least 54 people have died in the past six days over a heat wave that consumed southern Quebec and saw temperatures in the low to mid 30s for nearly a week.

US President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate accord on June 1 last year leaving many worried whether the voluntary, non-binding, global deal to avoid catastrophic climate change could survive.

The Paris accord requires that every few years, there will be negotiations for more ambitious goals on reducing emissions. In the lead-up to the latest talks, the doubts of the long-term survival of the Paris accord are getting stronger. The agreement needs 55 countries putting out at least 55% of the world’s emissions. And with the US gone, it’s easy for Paris to fail if China were to pull out now.

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