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Iran’s Azini Wetland, a winter abode for endangered birds

The Azini Wetland in the southeast of the Hormuz Strait is one of the most amazing tropical wetlands in Iran.

The wetland is comprised of a set of mangrove forests with the two best species of mangrove, including loop-root ones.

Azini is a muddy, sandy and intertidal wetland with large and small estuaries and houses scattered small islands covered by mangrove forests in the distance between the Gaz and Hiwe rivers.

The wetland, with an area of more than 500 hectares in a special geographical location, has a high ecological and genetic diversity.

It is a valuable habitat and protected area, and an important abode for endangered birds in the winter, such as the gray-footed pelican, gray heron, large egrets, coastal egrets, curlews with white eyebrows, brown curlews, etc.

Local people refrain from hunting the birds, so the birds live safely in the wetland. Here are some of the pictures of the wetland.

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