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Analyst: IAEA Israel-backed resolution aims to put maximum pressure on Iran

A political analyst highlights Israel’s “overt interference” in the affairs of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), saying the latest Western-drafted resolution passed at the IAEA, following Israeli lobbying, is designed to exert more pressure on Iran.

Amir-Ali Abolfath, an expert in American affairs, told IRNA that a trip by IAEA Secretary-General Rafael Grossi to the Israeli-occupied terrorists prior to the adoption of the resolution and a recent wave of anti-Iran activities by Tel Aviv were all indicative of the regime’s attempts to throw a wrench in the Agency’s work.

“It appears that the Zionist regime and America are fanning the flames” of tensions over the Iranian nuclear program, he added.

“The resolution was passed by the IAEA’s Board of Governors with the aim of influencing the Vienna talks and putting maximum pressure on Iran.”

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The commentator criticized what he called the IAEA’s lack of independence in decision-making, saying the positions that the Agency adopts are tied to what happens in the Vienna negotiations on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal.

“The IAEA is involved in interactions and friendly cooperation with Iran, but whenever Iran’s ties with Western states deteriorate and the negotiations do not proceed smoothly, the tone of the Agency changes,” he said.

The analyst slammed the West for repeating the groundless claims that Iran was seeking nuclear weapons, despite the fact that Tehran has on numerous occasions assured that its nuclear activities were peaceful.

“Anyone who tracks Iran’s behavior will realize that the Islamic Republic has never been after developing nuclear weapons,” Abolfath said.

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