Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Grossi ‘blocks Iranian law expert on Twitter in response to questions on Israel’

An Iranian international law expert says Rafael Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has blocked him on Twitter, over apparent anger at two questions raised by the expert in a thread of tweets over Israel’s nuclear policy.

In a tweet on Saturday, foreign policy analyst Reza Nasri said he had asked Grossi to clarify the IAEA’s position on the Israeli regime’s so-called “doctrine of strategic ambiguity” on its secret nuclear weapons program as the head of the UN nuclear watchdog was paying a controversial visit to the occupied territories.

“And he saw fit to block me in response! This shows those are embarrassingly important questions, and need to be raised time and again!” he said.

“1) Mr.@rafaelmgrossi, while you’re in #Israel, can you publicly clarify your position on the notion of “strategic ambiguity”? Is this a “doctrine” other countries can use to evade IAEA probes?”

“2) Do you think it’s fair – and indicative of IAEA impartiality – that #Iran gets censored because it has not allegedly offered “technically credible” explanations on its civilian program while Israel seems entitled to hide its nuclear WMDs by officially evoking this doctrine?” Nasri also asked.

After he was blocked, Nasri criticized the IAEA’s hypocrisy, tweeting, “#Israel shouldn’t be IAEA’s “redline”, Mr. Grossi! If you don’t agree, maybe you should recuse yourself.

Reacting to the visit to Israel, Iran on Saturday warned against a “further erosion of the IAEA’s credibility due to double standards in favor of Israel’s nukes program.

“No one can keep mum on Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program and then claim impartiality and talk about Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Saeed Khatibzadeh, said.

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