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Ginger: A Miracle in Treating Joint and Muscle Pain

Ginger, a plant with many medicinal properties, has been used to treat a large number of diseases and different types of pains such as joint and muscle pain since a long time ago.

Ginger, a plant with many medicinal properties, and its active constituent gingerol have been used to treat a large number of diseases as well as different types of pain such as joint and muscle pain since a long time ago.

Ginger: A Miracle in Treating Joint and Muscle PainPerhaps, it has happened, at least once, to all of us to experience a pain in a part of our body – for instance joints and muscles – and fail to identify its cause.

Such [joint and muscle] pains, which, apparently, come without any identifiable cause, normally disappear automatically after one or a few days. Nevertheless, as time passes, the pain begins to gradually grow in intensity and chronicity to the extent that it becomes chronic. At such a point, it definitely is the time to think of finding a cure for it. Joint and muscle pain, almost experienced by all people, are the most common types of such aches. These [joint and muscle] pains may be small or very acute and intolerable. Sometimes, they stop in a few days and on occasions, they last for months and are felt in any part of the body such as neck and back.

Numerous chemical medicines for joint and muscle pain have come on the market, most of which fail to treat the source of the pain and are merely painkillers used to temporarily relieve the pain.

In addition, taking these chemical medicines causes side effects and leads to the patients’ addiction to them, for the same dosage which used to take effect in the beginning of the treatment period loses its impact as time passes and the patient will require to increase the dosage constantly.

Nevertheless, up until two centuries ago, human being used natural methods and medicinal plants to cure pain. These herbs have a very important place in the history of the traditional medicine due to being highly effective and causing very few side effects. Thanks to the country’s ecological features and age-old history in traditional medicine and herbal remedies, grounds are prepared in Iran for conducting specialized scientific research on the treatment of various diseases through identification and production of medicinal herbs. Gingerol with its painkilling properties is among the most popular and highly prescribed and used medicinal plants in the traditional medicine practiced in Iran, India and China.

Ginger improves intracellular processes and can treat a large number of diseases as well as joint and muscle pain caused by disorders in the cellular function due to low level of energy.

GingerolGingerol has been produced and sold in the markets across the world in different packaging and forms such as powder, essential oil and extract. The diversity of the ginger and ginger-based products is increasing on a daily basis. These diverse products are used for treating diseases such as nausea, anorexia, muscle spasms, ileus – a disruption of the normal propulsive ability of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchitis, cold and a number of joint and muscle pain, disorders and diseases such as rheumatism or rheumatic disorder – an umbrella term for conditions causing chronic, often intermittent pain affecting the joints and/or connective tissue.

Daru Darman Salafchegan Company, as a knowledge-based producer of herbal medicine in Iran, has managed to produce an herbal ointment named “Gingerol”. “Gingerol” Joint Pain Ointment contains ginger’s natural essential oil which has a significant impact on treating joint and muscle pain, rheumatism, spinal disc herniation and also peripheral pains caused by muscle spasms.

The company has passed all clinical tests and obtained the required licences for the ointment at the international level. It is now prepared to sign deals with applicant companies across the world, offering its herbal products based on (up to) two-year usance contracts. Gingerol Joint Pain Ointment does not cause the typical side-effects brought about as a result of taking chemical painkillers, which only have pain relieving impacts, and in addition to stopping pain, helps improve the function of joints and muscles.


Ginger: A Miracle in Treating Joint and Muscle Pain

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