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French Video-Mapping Artist Impressed by Iranians’ Lavish Hospitality

Stephane de Gerando, a French composer and multimedia artist who recently visited Iran for the very first time to put on a video-mapping performance, said he is impressed by the beauties of Iran and the nation’s hospitality.

De Gerando, who staged a projection mapping performance at Tehran’s Azadi Tower last week, told IRNA the Iranians’ rich culture and their lavish hospitality has fascinated him.

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection.

Accompanied by music, the show was dubbed “Le Labyrinthe du Temps et la Tour Azadi” (The Labyrinth of Time and Azadi Tower).

De Gérando, 53, has written several works for orchestras performed at Radio France and has won national and international awards.

His multimedia works have been staged on numerous sites across the world.

IRNA has conducted an interview with the French artist. The following is the full text of the interview:

French Video-Mapping Artist Impressed by Iranians’ Lavish Hospitality

  • Tell us about your goal of staging this performance. Did you intend to convey a message?

In fact, my goal is not to have a goal. I’ve been working on video mapping projects for 20 years, since I was a student. My goal of creating this work is not to have a goal. I wanted to create something that I cannot imagine. I wanted to do something that amazes the way I was amazed by seeing such performances. It is difficult to convey this feeling through the words.

  • Why did you choose Iran to put on your performance?

I made this decision following talks with one of my Iranian students. Iran’s culture and land has really impressed me and I found Iran has an incredible culture.

  • Is this your first trip to Iran?

Yes. This is the first time I’m visiting Iran and hear people speaking Persian language.

  • How many days will you stay in Iran after the performance?

I will be in Iran for one more week. These days are a big opportunity for me to get familiar with this culture.

  • What was your perception of Iran before coming to our country? Has this trip changed the perception?

I’ve talked about Iran with my Iranian friends in France and my perception of Iran has always been positive. The Iranian people are known for their cordiality and hospitality. During my trip to Iran, it was quite interesting for me to see Iranians approaching us with a smile and being eager to talk with us.

  • Describe Iran in words?

Breadth, culture, goodness, cordiality, generosity and dynamism.

  • Will this video mapping project run only in Iran?

This performance comes out of 20 to 30 years of experience. Art does not belong to a special place and it belong to the whole globe. Art is a way of creating connections and getting to know cultures. Yes, this show is about Iran, but it is not exclusive to Iran.

  • Tell us about your future plans?

After Iran, I will stage a performance in Berlin. Next year, I intend to give more performances in Iran, particularly Shiraz.

What follows are photos of the video-mapping performance in Tehran’s iconic Azati Square:

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