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Ali Shamkhani

Three players and three scenarios for the region

A senior Iranian official has presented three likely scenarios Iran, the US and Israel will consider for the region following the finalization of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
Marzieh Afkham

Who replaces FM spokeswoman who will soon become ambassador to Malaysia?

Mohammad Hassan Sheikholeslami, Ph.D., has penned a number of articles on public and media diplomacy as well as on the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran welcomes German investment in industry sector

Industry Minister Nematzadeh has said that Iran, Afghanistan and Germany can make profitable investment in different mining and industrial sectors.

Terrorists flout shave ban to flee

Moscow has warned regional nations that terrorists who flee Russian airstrikes are flouting a shave ban to go across the border into other countries.
Zarif-German FM

The key to closer Tehran-Berlin ties

If the nuclear talks are viewed as the preliminary stage of normalization of ties between Iran and the rest of the world, after the Vienna accord a new window opened, ushering in economic talks.
Frank-Walter Steinmeier

A message of seriousness: Iran sanctions should be terminated

The German foreign minister has said that Zarif and his team stood their ground to represent Iran’s interests and help work out a solution acceptable to both sides.
Syrian martyr_458

Church service for Syrian martyr (PHOTOS)

A church function has been held for a Christian Syrian volunteer killed in clashes with al-Nusra terrorists in Hama.

A Saudi proposal Putin turned down

President Putin of Russia has reportedly turned down $300 billion in Saudi kickbacks to topple Assad.
Fumio Kishida

I’m coming to jumpstart Tokyo-Tehran relations: Japan FM

The international community, including Japan, has high expectations of Iran as a responsible, big country, the Japanese top diplomat said in an interview with Iran daily.
General Jafari

IRGC: Syria to achieve big victories in coming days

The IRGC commander has said that big victories are in the card for Syria in coming days.