Iran’s U-21 Volleyball Team Claims World Title for First Time

Iran claimed the title of the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Men's U-21 World Championship for the first time in its history.

Traditional ‘Locho’ Wrestling Contest Held in Mazandaran

Locho wrestling is a traditional field of Pahlavani sports practiced in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.

FIVB Apologizes to Iran over Mistreatment in Chicago

President of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has expressed shame and sorrow over the US mistreatment of Iran’s national volleyball team at Chicago airport.

Joy of Climbing Snowy Summit in Summer

Bozsina, which means the Icy Chest in local language, is the name of a mountain in Iran’s West Azarbaijan province, located between Urmia and Oshnavieh cities near Iran’s border with Iraq and Turkey.
Iran Volleyball Team in US

Iran Protests at US Treatment of Its Athletes in Chicago

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has expressed protest at the US’ move to keep Iran’s volleyball players at the Chicago Airport for hours upon their arrival in the country.

Kilim-Weaving Girl Representing Iran at CSIT World Sports Games

A team of Iranian workers, including a number of athletes skilled in special occupations, has headed for Spain to attend the CSIT World Sports Games. Among these athletes there is lady from the north-western city of Ardabil whose job is weaving Kilim.
Marc Wilmots in Iran

Iran Is Safe, Beautiful: Marc Wilmots

Marc Wilmots, the new Belgian manager of Iran’s national football team, better known as Team Melli, describes Iran as a safe and beautiful country a few weeks after his arrival.

Iran Threatens to Boycott Asian Boxing Games over Persian Gulf’s Name

Iran’s Boxing Federation is threatening to boycott the upcoming schoolboys championships in Kuwait if the Asian Boxing Confederation would not use the one and real name of the ‘Persian Gulf’ in its official website.

1st Iranian Woman Doing Horseback Combat Sports Wins Int’l Titles

Saeedeh Sadeqi Afjeh is the only and first Iranian female medalist in combat sports done on horseback.

All Champions League Results within One Platform

Many unexpected results of the Champions League matches are a proof that no one of the rivals can be disregarded or underestimated. For this, the teams can pay a considerable price.