Iranian motorcyclist wins Russian Superbike Championship  

An Iranian motorcyclist has for the first time become the champion of the Russian Superbike Championship.

Iran’s ISNA news agency quoted the public relations of the Motorcycling and Automobile Racing Federation of Iran as saying that Sasan Akbari, the champion of the 1000cc class of Iran, who went to the Moscow tournament with the support of the federation, was able to win the 1000cc BMW motorcycle class.

This is the first championship of an Iranian competitor in the Russian league.

Maziar Nazemi, head of the Motorcycling and Automobile Racing Federation, says the policy of the federation is to support such champions to win numerous medals in international competitions.

Nazemi congratulated Akbari on his win. This year, Akbari also participated in the Qatar Super Stock 600 tournament.

This motorcyclist, who is the safety and rescue ambassador of the Iranian Motorcycling and Automobile Racing Federation, also participates in search and rescue operations during natural disasters on behalf of his peers in the federation.

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