Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Iran in Pictures

Tea harvest in Gilan

A photo gallery featuring locals in northern Iran harvesting tea.

Photo exhibition in Tehran to help save an endangered species (PHOTOS)

Images of Asiatic Cheetah, an endangered species, go on display at an exhibition in Tehran to contribute to an initiative to save the fleet-footed species from extinction.

Tehran flower exhibition (PHOTOS)

Photos of an expo of flowers and plants in Tehran which has brought together 250 national and 39 foreign producers.

Dolls, the victims’ best friends in a Tehran rehab center (PHOTOS)

The victims of social ills in a Tehran rehab center have found a good plaything to befriend.

A short stop by Lake Orumiyeh (PHOTOS)

A short stop by Lake Orumiyeh by a photographer and the images it has helped create.

The International Middle East Rally Championship (PHOTOS)

Images of an international rally competition in southern Iran.

An art gallery as big as a megacity (PHOTOS included)

Over 700 artistic works from Iran and other countries have appeared on Tehran billboards to turn the capital into the world’s largest art gallery ever.

A second chance at life

Images of a convicted killer being spared by the family of the murder victim.

Mideast’s Highest Suspension Bridge in Northwestern Iran

Snapshots of the highest suspension bridge in the Middle East which is located in the Iranian province of Ardebil.

National Festival of Iranian Ethnic Groups (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of the opening ceremony of the National Festival of Iranian Ethnic Groups which was held in the capital of Kurdistan Province.

President opens Tehran International Book Fair (PHOTOS Included)

The president said a free atmosphere should reign in publishing and at the same time values should be held in high esteem.

Hour al-Azim Lagoon (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of Hour al-Azim Lagoon which straddles the border between Iran and Iraq.

Tehran, Budapest declared ‘sister cities’

The Tehran mayor hailed the agreement and described Hungary as a country that has a significant status culturally, economically, and industrially.

A selfless teacher (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of a selfless Iranian teacher who has to walk 10 km every day to get to school.

An Iranian woman has turned her home into a safe refuge for injured animals (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of injured domestic animals in the house of an Iranian woman who takes care of them with sheer kindness.

Closing ceremony of international section of Fajr Film Festival (PHOTOS)

Photos of the closing ceremony of the international section of the 33rd Fajr Film Festival in Tehran.

A visit to a father on Father’s Day (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of a very old Iranian father who is visited by his children, grand and great grandchildren on Father’s Day.

A horse farm in northeastern Iran (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of a horse farm in northeastern Iran where a physician breeds Turkmen thoroughbred horses in his free time.

Persian Gulf Day, symbol of Iranian unanimity (PHOTOS)

An aerial photo gallery of the Persian Gulf.

Iranian sportswoman who is crazy about skydiving (PHOTOS)

An exciting jump from a plane is the only sport which can get the Iranian girl’s adrenalin flowing.

President Rouhani was warmly welcomed in Shiraz (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of President Rouhani receiving a tumultuous welcome in Shiraz.

At the Height of Tehran’s Tallest Flagpole

You may be interested in seeing some wonderful photos of Tehran, Iran's capital, taken from the top of its tallest flagpole!

History Show Focusing on Seljuq Dynasty in Isfahan

Snapshots of a theater festival aimed at educating people in Isfahan on the Seljuq Dynasty through theatrical performances.

Iran in Photos: Isfahan History Show

Troupes reenact the memories of the historical city of Isfahan in central Iran.

World Tai Chi, Qigong Day observed in Tehran

A Tehran park hosts a ceremony to observe World Tai Chi and Qigong Day.

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