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Iran in Pictures

Funeral procession for 275 war martyrs in Tehran (PHOTOS)

Images of a funeral procession for 275 war martyrs, including 175 divers, in Tehran.

Taq-e Bostan (PHOTOS)

Photos of Taq-e Bostan, an ancient site in western Iran, which is a major tourist attraction.

Laughter Saturdays at Tehran subway stations

Images of what is being done to make people laugh underground.

Rainbow of Hope (PHOTOS)

Images of the largest water color workshop in the country featuring a 10-by-1 meter image of the capital in water color.

Shapur Cave (PHOTOS)

Images of Shapur Cave located about 6 km from the ancient city of Bishapur in southern Iran.

Naqsh-e Rustam

Images of Naqsh-e Rustam, a representation of Iranian arts, culture and history which dates to back to 1200 BC.

Iran in Photos: Jashak Salt Dome

Images of Jashak Salt Dome in the southwestern Iranian Province of Bushehr.

Kamjan International Marsh (PHOTOS)

Images of Kamjan International Marshland, a major habitat for animals and migratory and native birds in southern Iran.

Ayeneh-Dar Regional and Ritual Music Festival (PHOTOS)

Tehran’s Rudaki Hall has played host to over 120 musicians from across the country for a second edition of Ayeneh-Dar Regional and Ritual Music Festival.

Remains of Iranian divers killed by Saddam’s Iraq (PHOTOS)

Images of the remains of several Iranian divers killed by Saddam's Iraq during the imposed war in the 1980s.

Iran Architecture: Massoudieh Mansion in Tehran

Images of Massoudieh Mansion which sits on a 4,000 square meter expanse of land and has been a registered national site since 1998.

Uncle Mamad’s Cabin (PHOTOS)

Images of a pick-up truck repurposed into a wooden camper of sorts and called home by Uncle Mamad.

Iran Architecture in Photos: House of Aminis in Qazvin

House of Aminis or Hosseiniyeh-ye-Aminiha is a historical building which dates back to 1858. It is located in Qazvin, central Iran.

Alligator makes it to industrial no-go zone (PHOTOS)

Images of an alligator in a gas facility in southern Iran.

Bisotun historical complex in Kermanshah

Images of Bisotun historical site in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

Kish Indigenous Anthropology House (PHOTOS)

Images of Kish Indigenous Anthropology House on the southern Iranian island of Kish.

Shahar Yeri historical site

Images of a historical site in Ardebil Province believed to be 6,000 years old.

Cantor Church in Qazvin (PHOTOS)

Images of Cantor Church built by the Russians in central Iran during World War II.

Nomadic festival in Ardebil (PHOTOS)

Images of a nomadic festival featuring dance, music, sports and traditional customs in northwestern Iran.

Local sports festival in Kermanshah (PHOTOS)

Images of a festival of local sports in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

Kafe Namak or Salt Lake in Sirjan (Photos)

Namak Lake in Sirjan, Kerman Province, is one of the unique, beautiful faces of nature in southern Iran.

Bastam Grand Mosque in Semnan (PHOTOS)

Bastam Grand Mosque and Kashaneh Tower are two historical sites in Semnan Province, northern Iran.

Thousand-and-One-Nights train in Iran (PHOTOS)

A number of foreign tourists on board Thousand and One Nights, a train, have arrived in Zanjan in northwestern Iran.

Carpet Museum of Iran in photos

The Carpet Museum of Iran showcases priceless hand-woven carpets from urban, rural and nomadic areas across Iran.

Africa Day celebrated in Iran (PHOTOS)

Iran’s foreign minister and Tehran-based foreign ambassadors have marked Africa Day in Iran.

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