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Best Home Remedies for Skin Burn Treatment

When suffering from skin burns, you may be flooded with plenty of prescriptions by the people around you to treat the burns, some of which seem interesting. But can we trust them?

Whether or not such prescriptions are efficient has not yet been confirmed by specialists because they are solely experimental. They might be useful for minor burns, but for more serious skin burns, patients must see a doctor and undergo advanced methods of burn treatment.

In the text below, we will have a short review of such prescriptions which have come to be known as home remedies for treating burns.

Cornelian Cherry Seeds

The quality seeds help you considerably remove the burned areas of your skin. Soak them in water for at least one night. Then squeeze the soaked seeds and turn them into a soft paste. Now, put it smoothly on the burns and let it be there for a while. Then wash the burns after the paste is completely dried.

Potato Skin

It’s said that potato skin is highly helpful for healing wounds due to its moisture and anti-bacterial features. Peel a number of potatoes and leave their skins on your burns for a while.

Leaves of Plantain

The leaves enjoy anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation features. Therefore, they can be used as a strong moisturizer for treating wounds. Putting the juice of the leaves on the burns can rapidly alleviate their irritation and lead to a rapid healing.

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Marigold is highly efficient in treating burns because it rapidly restores the burned areas of the skin. The plant’s efficiency increases significantly if it is used regularly for a long period of time. Meanwhile, marigold’s oil can stimulate the biological process of adding to skin textures of the body. The oil is highly recommended for grade 2 burns.

Tea Oil

The oil extracted from tea should be diluted with some water and then be rubbed on the burned area. It’s also recommended that people suffering from grade 3 burns massage regularly the oil into the burned area because the massage will improve blood flow and provide the area with further nutrients and oxygen to restore dead cells and textures.

Fatty Milk and Yogurt

Put the burned area of the skin into fatty milk for 15 minutes. This will immediately alleviate the irritation of the burns. Fatty yogurt can also keep the burns cold and moistures.

Best Home Remedies for Skin Burn Treatment

Vitamin Pill

As an amazing home remedy to accelerate the healing process, you can use Vitamin C and E pills. To do so, you can eat meals including the mentioned vitamins one week after the burning. Meanwhile, you can pour the liquid of Vitamin E capsule on your burns and treat it immediately.

Onion Juice

The Quercetin and Sulfur of onion juice help you to get rid of burns in a short time. The juice also removes any inflation of the skin. To this end, first squeeze onion and extract its juice and roll down some drops of the juice on the burns and massage it with your hand.

Banana Skin

Banana skin includes Lutein which is widely known as a strong antioxidant. Lutein is helpful in reducing skin inflation caused by the burns. It also highly alleviates the irritation of the burned areas of the skin.

Soy Sauce

The edible stuff is highly helpful for treating grade 1 and 2 burns.

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