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Beautiful Iran: The wonderland of Chabahar, lost paradise

Chabahar is Iran’s only oceanside port which sits off the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean. In the first description of Chabahar, it could be said that it is Iran’s lost paradise.

It is considered a region of high importance due to its geo-strategic location.

Many people in Chabahar work in trades or fishery and fish farming businesses. They speak in the Baluchi dialect.

Besides having a strategic geographical location, the region has been a center of attention because of its many untapped and very beautiful tourist destinations.

All in all, Chabahar could be described as one of the country’s most significant ports in terms of tourism and economy.

Among Chabahar’s natural attractions are the Martian Mountains, the Lipar Wetland, shrimp fishing ports, the Hara Forests, and mud volcanoes. Have a look at views of some of these attractive, must-see spots in the pictures below.


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