A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Jan 13

Iranian Newspapers Headlines
Iranian Newspapers Headlines

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Wednesday and picked headlines from 23 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1. North Korea faked missile test footage: experts

2. Tehran mayor: Some hinder solving Tehran air pollution

3. Thinkers of invading Iran seek suicide: Top IRGC Cmdr.

4. Iraqi forces retake Ramadi from ISIS

5. Rouhani to visiting Gerhard Schröder: Tehran, Berlin have started enhancing ties

6. Persian poetry dwindling in cyberspace





1. $30bn of frozen cash accessible by next week

2. Iran, Russia start bank ties

3. 18.8% average customers duties

4. Gov’t spokesman: CBI sanctions removal in a few days

5. NIOC Chief: Gas income to exceed petrodollars

6. Bloomberg: Iran Plans to Sell New Oil Grade in March

7. Falling oil price diminishes Iran economy by $123bn





1. The Emirate brag

Head of Iran-UAE commerce chamber said UAE’s decision to reduce its diplomatic ties to a lower level has no impact on its trade with Iran.

2. Professor: Giving bonuses to well-covered students makes others indignant

Earlier this week, another university lecturer has suggested that university professors and lecturers should offer extra bonuses to students who observe Islamic dress codes in their classes.

3. Brigadier General Naqdi: US behind Saudi embassy break-in

4. Professor: Sooner nuclear deal with Jalili as President








1. Arak reactor not dismantled

2. 95% of bulged discs treated without surgery

3. Iran cancels electronic voting in upcoming elections






1. 80 restaurants in 2 kilometers

Illegal ownership of mountainous lands north of Tehran has left nothing from Darband resort.

2. Iran to sell US 40t of heavy water

3. Goodbye sanctions!

The US-engineered international sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program will be removed by Friday.

4. Gov’t to sue Saudi embassy attackers






– Henri Kissinger: Israel will disappear in 2022





1. Gov’t will sue embassy attackers: Spokesman

2. Obama vows to veto bill to restrict Iran sanctions relief





1. Riyadh seeking anti-Tehran policy

2. 4,000 foreign investors in Tehran Chamber of Commerce since July deal

3. 12% rise in salaries of state staff next year

Government spokesman: The monthly salary of no working or retired staff will be less than IRR 15m next year.

4. Saudi loss of $1.3bn from Umrah trip ban by Iran

5. Traffic fines rise





1- Iran handicraft popular in Canary islands

2- German banks welcome investment in Chabahar port

The Islamic Republic welcomes contributions to the development of Chabahar Port in southeast Iran.






1- President: Iran ready to employ all capacities in fight against terrorism

2- Terrorist blast kills 10 in Istanbul

3- Plans to overhaul transportation fleet

4- Suicide attacks kill 52 in Iraq





– Head of Iran’s chamber of commerce: 60% of banks’ assets frozen





1- Assad: We are indebted to Iran for containing regional terrorism

2- 2,000 smuggling gangs dismantled

3- Putin: Execution of Sheikh Nimr, unfortunate

4- IRGC’s intelligence blow and rebalance of power in BBC





1- 1.4% Saudi, Bahraini share in Iran sky

3- Pancreatic cancer in economy





1- Cleric: Guardian Council sole screener of candidates’ qualities

2- US sanctions radars fixed on Iran missile frequency

3- German bear in Iranian cinema honeymoon

4- Erdogan poised to boost Kurdish crackdown





– Isfahan steel on the path to supremacy





1. Traffic fines manifold

2. 2nd Intifada begins; West Bank armed






– Turkish partner takes up Zanjani’s assets





1- Iran woes foreign investments in energy sector

2- JCPOA implementation new chapter in Tehran, Berlin ties: Rouhani

3- Everything about a cinema school in Iran

4- Eye-opening facts about Wikipedia





– US democrats join republicans against Iran






1. White House message to anti-Iran representatives

2. 80% of Zanjani money overseas






1. Liquidity boost, legacy of 10th administration

2. Iran among world’s safest countries in mining





1. Germany preparing to enter Iran infrastructures

2. Provincial taxi drivers: a capital issue

3. Afghan peace in Pakistani hands

4. Economic diplomacy superior to privatization






1. Air pollution bothering 30m Iranians

2. Activation of rural economy: Iran to launch production units in rural areas







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