A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 9

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Saterday and picked headlines from 21 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1- Joint statement by foreign ministers of Iran, Russia and Republic of Azerbaijan in Baku

2- Salehi speaking on the occasion of National Day of Nuclear Technology: Our Uranium enrichment activities will continue

3- Republicans are trying to deny Iran access to US Dollar

4- Pakistan Foreign Ministry:  Iran will not allow its soil to be used against Pakistan

5- Rouhani speaking on National Day of Nuclear Technology: Neither trust others, nor mistrust them

6- 11 jailed Iranian sailors in India are to be released





1- President Rouhani: Opportunity for agreement will not always be available

2- Iran and Russia to disregard Suez Canal

– Tehran- Moscow are talking about constructing a canal between Caspian sea and Persian Gulf

3- Ashraf Brujerdi: Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental characteristics of Islamic society

4- General Jazayeri: We will cut off any intruding hand against our defensive capabilities




Armane Emrooz:

1- President Rouhani: Opportunity for agreement is available at all times

2- Ahmadinejad: we will do what we want!





1- Trustees of Babak are not refunding his money (Lawyer of oil debtor talking to Ebtekar)

– Selling of Zanjani’s foreign assets will cover all his debts. Babak Zanjani has issued irrevocable power of attorney to recover his foreign assets





1- President Rouhani: Extremism is the most dangerous threat against our country

2- Allocation of Rls.10thousands billions low interest rate banking facilities to inactive production firms

3- Russia:  We support Hezbollah’s nominee for Lebanese president

4- Iran, Russia and Republic of Azerbaijan Summit due to take place





1- Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani: People’s wellbeing must be a priority for officials

2- Tehran Friday Prayer Leader: Everybody should help government to implement “Resistance Economy”





1- 10 Important Measures by Ministry of Health to tackle AIDS

2-   More traffic restriction in Tehran similar to London and Stockholm

3- Sport Minister’s unprecedented backing for Carlos Queiroz, head coach of Iranian national succor team





1- Rouhani: we have not been and will not be a threat to any country





1- Rouhani: Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPA) a great opportunity for speeding up implementation of “Resistance Economy”

2- Deputy Chief of staff of Iranian Armed Forces: Iranian Missiles are not negotiable with any foreigners

3- Disregarding unforeseen fortune:  Interview with a municipality worker who proved his honesty by returning two cases huge lost money to their owners




Jomhori Eslami:

1- UN drafts a 20 articles Resolution for ceasefire in Yemen

2- Unveiling new achievements of nuclear industry with President Rouhani in attendance

3- Turkey and Israel to resume their diplomatic ties soon







1- Babak Zanjani provided a list of his foreign assets

2- Big American names are missing in Panama Documents

– Only little known Americans are named in list released by Mosak Fonseka

3- Erdogan openly return to Israeli lap





1- US new unprincipled behavior in post – nuclear agreement era

– John Kerri describes Iran’s activities in the region as concerning





1- Unveiling to new advanced Centrifuges and test of fuels of Arak Reactor





1- President Rouhani: we can not 100 percent trust others

-In nuclear agreement with 5+1 we did not intend to 100 percent trust others




Royesh Mellat:

1- Kerri asks Iran to help to resolve Syrian crisis

2- Daesh executes 172 workers at a cement plant in Syria





1- Permanent eradication of AIDS by genetic rearrangement





1- US unveils JCPA 2: Containing Iranian regional Influence, John Kerri explains in Bahrein

2- Saudi rulers pay $4 billion as bribe to Egyptians to remove Hezbollah’s Alalam TV network from Nilesat





1- Creating a rival for Suez Canal

2- Riyadh looking for partnership with Cairo

– Sweet pledges by Saudi King to Egyptians

3- Forecast of increased OPEC oil output on the eve of Doha oil meeting




Vaghayeh Etefaghiyeh:

1- Bold pledge by Mr. Spokesman

– Government is determined to settle all its debts by the end of next  Iranian year

2- Special Presidential Gene

– Fatemeh Rakei: Has Parliament Spokesman a special gene that Mr. Aref lacks it?

3- Ali Rabiee: The comprehensive charter to provide social support for women is being compiled

4- Zarif: other countries should learn from Iran and Russia





1- US and European Tourists in Iranian cities

2- Good intention by giving irrevocable power of Attorney by Babak Zanjani to reduce his term




Abrar Eghtesadi:

1- Iran sells 35 percent of its oil to Europeans

2- Malaysian government calls on banks to become active in supporting trade with Iran

3- Italian banks are ready to finance joint projects in Iran



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