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Beautiful Tiling in Iran’s Mo’aven ol-Molk Takieh

Beautiful Tiling in Iran’s Mo’aven ol-Molk Takieh

The Takieh of Mo’aven ol-Molk in western Iranian city of Kermanshah is the country's finest Hosseinieh, a distinctively Shiite shrine where plays are acted out during the Islamic month of Muharram to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the third Shiite Imam.
Figures Say Number of Foreign Tourists to Iran Peaked

Figures Say Number of Foreign Tourists to Iran Peaked in 2016

Official figures indicate that the number of foreign tourists visiting Iran has witnessed a remarkable increase during President Hassan Rouhani’s four-year term, reaching its peak after the implementation of the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers in 2016.
New Look of Tehran’s 30th Tir StreetMore Appealing to Tourists

New Look of Tehran’s 30th Tir Street More Appealing to Tourists

30th TirStreet is among the oldest and original historical places in Tehran which has recently attracted greater attention to itself as a tourist attraction due to a number of changes and renovations it has undergone.
Golestan Palace's Clock Finally Fixed after 90 Years

Golestan Palace’s Clock Finally Fixed after 90 Years

The clock of Shamsolemareh, the finest edifice on the eastern wing of Golestan Palace and the first high rise in Tehran, started to run after a 90-year slumber.
Iran’s Beauties in Photos Old City of Hamadan (4)

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Old City of Hamadan

Hamadan, or Hamedan, in central west of Iran is believed to be among the oldest Iranian cities and one of the oldest ones in the world.
Grand Mosque of Urmia(30)

Grand Mosque of Urmia: An Architectural Masterpiece

The Grand Mosque of Urmia in northwestern Iran, which is the city’s congregational mosque (Jāme), is considered an architectural masterpiece dating back to hundreds of years ago.
Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Kerman Province-5744193

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Kerman Province

Kerman province in southeastern Iran is home to numerous tourist attractions annually visited by thousands of tourists, particularly during Nowruz holidays.

French Tourists, Top Visitors of Iran’s Shiraz

After the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, the number of foreign visitors to Fars province in southern Iran has been more than twice as many as before, with the French at the top.
Legendary Land of Exquisite Attractions-2

Iran: Legendary Land of Exquisite Attractions

Foreign tourists describe Iran as a country of unique historical monuments, excellent cuisine and hospitable people.

Turning Iranophobia into Iranophilia

Foreign tourists visiting Iran describe Iranian people as very hospitable, kind and caring, and term the country the land of peace.

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