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83 Nigerian Schoolgirls Released from Boko Haram’s Captivity

Eighty-three Chibok schoolgirls who were seized three years ago by Boko Haram terrorist group in northern Nigeria have been released from custody, officials declared.

Women More Receptive of ISIS Recruitment Propaganda

Studies indicate that women are more receptive of ISIS’s rhetoric of incitement that it posts on various electronic platforms. In fact, ISIS has resorted to women in order to address the drop in the number of its fighters.
China Bans Islamic Names in Muslim-Majority Province

China Bans Islamic Names in Muslim-Majority Province

In another move to tighten its grip on Muslims in western China, the Chinese government has banned parents from choosing certain Islamic names like “Muhammad” for their children.
Trump Welcomes Acts of Terrorism in Sweden

“Trump Welcomes Acts of Terrorism in Sweden”

A political analyst says the US president would like to see Sweden gripped by security crises, and do his best to make that happen.
Iranian FM Calls for Global Efforts to End Growing Threat of Extremism

Iranian FM Calls for Global Efforts to End Growing Threat of Extremism

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called on the international community to join the WAVE (World Against Violence and Extremism) and put an end to the suffering of children in Syria and Yemen.
kuwaiti sheikh

Radical Kuwaiti Sheikh Says Photoshop Forbidden

A Wahhabi Kuwaiti sheikh claimed that using Photoshop or any photo editor is forbidden because it goes against Allah!

Radical Salafism Will Win If Saudi Arabia Is Not Stopped: British Academic

Michael Axworthy, a British academic who has also worked at the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, believes that if Saudi Arabia is not warned against its activities in the Middle East, the Saudi-backed radical ideologies of Wahhabism and Salafism would finally win.

Takfiri Terrorism Threatens Security of Entire World: Iran’s DM

Iran’s defense minister warned the creators of Takfiri terrorism, including the US and reactionary Arab states, that such a menace is not confined to Syria or Iraq alone, but threatens security all over the world.
Bus- Attack

Buses Arrive at Besieged Syrian Villages despite Militants’ Attacks

According to a report by Syrian TV on Sunday, several buses, which were supposed to evacuate ill and injured people from the besieged Shiite-majority towns of Foua and Kefraya were attacked and some of them burned, but some of them have reportedly managed to arrive at the villages.
international conference-islam

Islamic Regulations Protect Civilians, Women and Children

Scholars from more than 20 countries recently gathered in the second International Conference on Islam and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in Iran, and discussed the rights of civilians, particularly during the war.

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