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New Party to Fulfil Needs of Iraqi Younger Generation: Ammar al-Hakim

The former head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) says he has established the new political party called the National Wisdom Movement with the aim of keeping pace with the new developments and fulfilling the needs of the younger Iraqi generation.
‘Turkey Puzzled by US Inconsistent Policies on Syria’

‘Turkey Puzzled by US’ Inconsistent Policies on Syria’

A senior Turkish diplomat says the US in the past years has changed its approach towards Syria crisis for so many times that Ankara is now “a bit puzzled” on what Washington’s real policy and strategy is, particularly regarding the Syrian armed opposition groups.
Reza Hakan Tekin

Giving Ultimatums Not to Resolve Qatar Crisis: Turkish Envoy

Turkish ambassador to Tehran has criticized the approach Saudi Arabia and a number of its Arab allies have adopted towards Qatar, saying the only way to handle the ongoing crisis in the Persian Gulf region is engaging in a meaningful dialogue rather than giving ultimatums.

Russia Warns against Use of Qatar Crisis to Change Mideast Balance

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov says any use of the ongoing tension in relations between Persian Gulf littoral states to change the regional balance would deteriorate the already fragile situation in the Middle East.
US Downplaying Iran’s Role in Mosul Liberation: Analyst

US Downplaying Iran’s Role in Mosul Liberation: Analyst

A political analyst says Washington seeks to play down the Islamic Republic of Iran’s role in the recapture of Mosul from ISIS terrorists.
Abdul-Qader Fayez

“No State Pays Heed to Riyadh’s Call to Confront Iran”

Head of Al Jazeera’s Office in Tehran blames Saudi Arabia for creating tensions in the region, saying no state will take any heed of Riyadh’s call to counter the Islamic Republic of Iran.
bahram qassemi

‘EU Hasn’t Imposed New Iran Bans in 3 Years’

Iran has dismissed the ‘imprecise’ reports that the European Union has imposed new sanctions on the country, saying the body has not slapped any new bans on Iran within the past three years.

Why Iran FM’s Tour of European States Matters

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson says cooperation with independent European states can contribute to the global security now that the US is challenging all international norms.

“Iran Displays Laser Achievements in Laser World of Photonics 2017”

Iran has showcased its achievements in the field of laser technology at the Munich exhibition.

“Iran among Leading Countries in Laser Technology”

Iran has made considerable progress in the field of laser technology over the past few years.

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