Sunday, January 29, 2023

‘Even Republicans Convinced Trump’s Defeat Serves US Interests’

An expert on international issues says for the first time in the US political history, both Republicans and Democrats agree that Donald Trump's defeat in November elections will serve the interests of Americans.

In an interview with Iranian reformist daily Aftab-e Yazd, Ali Bigdeli has urged Americans against re-electing Donald Trump as the US president.

“It will not be in the interest of American people and the world if Trump’s presidency is renewed for another four-year term,” he said.

“But one should not forget that the political power structure in the United States is so complicated and unpredictable that one can never say based on statistics and speculation if Trump will stay or be replaced by Biden,” he added.

“What is certain is that Trump’s approval ratings have dropped dramatically, and political developments indicate there is no more consensus within the layer of the neo-conservative Republicans over the president remaining in power, which could see Donald Trump say goodbye to the White House,” he said.

“This is something which, maybe for the first time in the US political history, is in the interest of both rival parties, i.e., Republicans and Democrats,” he added.

The analyst further dismissed Trump as “secretive and garrulous.”

“Unfortunately, although everything is ready to put an end to Trump’s four-year tenure, Biden is not the rival who could piggyback onto the wave which has been created because he is old, is weak at initiating dialogue and is not so significant an element in the US history,” the analyst said.

“But fortunately, Biden has come to rival Trump at a time when neither Republicans, nor the US nor Trump are well; nevertheless, none of these can guarantee that this Democrat will become president,” he said.

Europe Should Deeply Think of World Without US Leadership

It looks like the Europeans’ concern goes beyond that of us journalists as we are trying to analyze the theory of “a world and a US without Trump in the United States’ post-election climate” while German Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks of a world “without US leadership!”

We see reports saying Merkel has warned European countries to seriously think about the new reality that the world is facing. Then we become curious and want to know what that reality is. Afterwards, we realize that it seems the US does not want to become the leader of the world any longer.

In an interview with European reporters, Merkel stressed that one can no longer confirm that the US still wants to be the leader of the world, and given this fact, countries need to put their priorities right.

The comments made by Merkel these days are gravely contradictory. They are a major metamorphosis because she herself used to praise the global impact of US activities and Washington’s support for the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

US: Stranger to Revolution

Questioned whether he thinks Trump is pushing the US toward collapse and a revolution, the Analyst said, “Never!” The analyst believes Americans are strangers to revolution.

“The power structure in the United States is in the hands of behind-the-scenes economic entities which choose political leaders to achieve their own objectives. Now, if they feel the continuation of Trump’s presence can deal a blow to their goals and programs, they will set him aside without reservation,” he added.

Foreign Policy Meaningless for Republicans

He said what is unfolding outside the United States is of no significance, whatsoever, to Republicans.

“To them, the framework of the US borders is important; but these days, the situation inside the US is not good, either; so, from this perspective, it is not advisable that Trump remain in power,” said the analyst.

Trump and Israel Issue

Bigdeli says Democrats have warned Tel Aviv over the West Bank annexation plan.

“Europeans have taken a stance against Israel’s decision to annex West Bank. Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have not approved of the move, either,” he noted.

He says Trump has opted to remain silent at the moment to avoid confrontation with Democrats, but his true position is to support Israel. He says Trump knows if he openly joins Israel at this juncture over the West Bank, it could severely isolate him and see him cornered in a domestic standoff.

US Pressure on Iran’s Areas of Influence

The analyst said Republicans do not get much involved in foreign policy discussions. However, he stresses that “the issue of Iran has always been a special issue for the US. Although the Americans are banging the drum for sanctions and ‘maximum pressure’ these days, this is not the maximum US pressure on Iran!” he says.

The analyst underscored that Washington seeks to disrupt the situation in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq as part of its policy to put pressure on Iran’s areas of influence.

He noted that the US wants to drive a wedge between Arab countries and Iran, urging Tehran to keep a close watch on developments in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

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