Friday, June 14, 2024

World’s 3rd Menstrual Blood Stem Cells Bank Opens in Iran

The world’s third menstrual blood stem cells bank has opened at Avicenna Infertility Centre in Iran.

The other two banks are up and running in the Unites States and India. Among the main functions of the bank are to cure infertility in women, cure menopause, preserve fertility, offer regenerative medicine services and treat some other diseases.

Menstrual blood stem cells are capable of regenerating and reviving menstruation stem cells as marrow and umbilical cord blood stem cells do.

Among the advantages of menstrual blood stem cells is their ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissue, the possibility of repeating sample-taking on a monthly basis, no need for the prescription of drugs, stimulating to produce more stem cells, and easy provision of cells without any pain or suffering.

Menstrual blood is a new source of known stem cells that had not been used so far.

According to a top official at Avicenna Infertility Center, using stem cells is instrumental in curing infertility. He says the bank is also a very important storage hub to cure other diseases.

“Women can refer to this bank and donate their cells to be frozen and kept for them and used when needed,” he said.

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