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What Iranian Businesses Must Do Before Resuming Their Operation

Iran’s National Headquarters to Fight Coronavirus has announced that low-risk businesses can restart their activities in coming days after registering on the website of the Ministry of Health and receiving a code.

In a statement issued by the National Headquarters, these people can get their activity licence upon registration.

Here is the full text of this statement:

Considering the nature of the COVID-19 disease, social distancing is the best way to control the spread of the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to observe it as long as the disease is circulating in the society, because it can prevent up to 95% of the virus spread.

“Smart Social Distancing” is the next phase of the Social Distancing Plan that has been implemented in Iran since March after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

At this stage, only “low-risk” jobs with the obligation to comply with the health guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health will be licensed to begin work in the provinces as of April 11 and in Tehran as of April 18.

The general policy and strategy of the Headquarters is to continue the principle of “staying home.” Leaving home is only allowed in an emergency – very limitedly, with strict adherence to health guidelines to deal with the virus.

Production sectors – guilds and occupations specified in the plan – will also be able to begin business activities by implementing specialised and general health guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health.

With continuous efforts and coordination between the Chamber of Commerce and Trade Unions and the Ministry of Health, business health guidelines will be developed and made available to the public in the coming days, and any trade union activity will be subject to the implementation of these guidelines.

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According to the plan, all guilds must register on the website of the Ministry of Health (based on compliance with health guidelines) and after receiving the code, an activity license will be issued for them.

With the implementation of this plan, the basic shutdowns (including the closure of schools, universities, stadiums, cultural and artistic centres, high-risk jobs, etc.) as well as the ban on inter-provincial traffic will continue until further notice.

Administrative centres will work with two-thirds of their employees instead of one-third as of April 11, and the working hours will be from 7 am to 2 pm.

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