Sunday, April 21, 2024

US eager to discuss Iran military might during Vienna talks: Kayhan

An Iranian conservative newspaper says the United States wants to discuss Iran’s military capabilities during Vienna talks.

“Western powers, particularly the US and France, have stressed, during Vienna negotiations, their desire for talks to be held on Iran’s military prowess,” wrote Kayhan.

“But when they faced opposition by the Iranian delegation in that regard, they asked the Iranian team to accept their demand generally, even if talks are not really held about Iran’s military capabilities!” the paper added.

“Why is it important for the United States to see Iran’s military power being put on the agenda of the talks, even in a very general and unspecified manner?” Kayhan asked rhetorically.

“The reason is clear. The US wants to shatter Iran’s will to use its own power,” it added.

“In that case, even very modern and efficient missiles will not have any stronger impact than that of atomic bombs of Pakistan or India,” the paper added.

“Of course, it goes without saying that if we accept this demand, the US will definitely begin, as of the following week, to put pressure on Iran to drag it to the negotiating table for military talks,” the paper said.

“So, the bottom line is to break Iran’s willpower,” said the newspaper.

“When it comes to Iran’s nuclear dossier, the Americans have been saying that they know they cannot eliminate Iran’s nuclear know-how and, at the end, cannot prevent Iran from going nuclear. But if Iran agrees to accept the limits set by the hegemonic system with regards to this dossier, it means Iran has compromised on its ‘will’ and has, in fact, crossed out its future,” Kayhan wrote.

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