Wednesday, April 24, 2024

UAE ambassador: We will not let anyone use our territory to harm Iran

The ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Tehran says the Persian Gulf country is opposed to any move that would harm the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The diplomat was speaking in a meeting with Iranian Parliament Speaker Ghalibaf.

He said Abu Dhabi gives assurances that it will never allow anyone to use the UAE’s territory for dealing a blow, whether military, security or intelligence, to the Islamic Republic.

The UAE, along with Bahrain, has normalized ties with the Zionist regime.

The normalization deal was brokered by former US President Donald Trump. The move drew criticism from Iran.

Tehran has warned regional countries against giving a foothold to the Zionist regime, saying Tel Aviv is an enemy of all Muslim nations. Iran has also said it will give a firm response if the Zionist regime uses the territories of those with whom it has normalized to make any adventurous move in the region.

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