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“Trump Welcomes Acts of Terrorism in Sweden”

A political analyst says the US president would like to see Sweden gripped by security crises, and do his best to make that happen.

The recent terror attack in Stockholm left 4 people dead and a dozen wounded. Investigations suggest an operative of the ISIS Takfiri terrorist group was behind the attack. The suspect has been apprehended and handed over to the Swedish police. To further discuss the matter, Hanif Ghaffari, an expert on European and Scandinavian affairs, has shared with the Basirat website his views on the different dimensions of the terrorist act. Here are excerpts from the interview.

The nature of the recent security crises in Sweden shows there is a direct link between US President Donald Trump’s controversial comments and the events which unfolded afterwards in the European country.

Some time ago, Trump referred to a terrorist act in Sweden which basically had not happened! In other words, he resorted to a sort of political and media chantage as far as Sweden’s security situation was concerned. Some analysts believe Trump made the media gaffe unintentionally. But his repeated attempts later on to create the impression that Sweden was gripped by insecurity showed what he had done was a calculated move.

By making those comments, Trump undoubtedly sought to trigger security crises in Sweden. Not only does Trump not welcome multicultural societies in Europe, but he is trying to eliminate this multicultural structure. Trump believes in order to counter immigrants and Muslims, multicultural societies should be targeted.

Sweden is one of the clear examples of a multicultural society in Europe. During the course of the immigration crisis which began in 2015, Sweden played a key role in admitting immigrants. That was not favoured by Trump, who basically wants anti-immigration and nationalist groups in Europe to have a freer hand. Trump and his associates have arrived at the conclusion that the most effective method to counter this trend is to indirectly support efforts aimed at creating security crises in Sweden. The emergence of security crises in Sweden will reinforce the country’s ultra-right camp and Democratic Party. That is why Trump welcomes terrorist moves in Sweden!

One of Trump’s aspirations is to see security crises flare up in Sweden, so that the country will no longer be regarded as a nation which is against his anti-immigration policies. Another objective of Trump is to strengthen ultra-right groups in Sweden, which could be analysed within the context of Trump’s backing for national currents in Europe as a whole.

Security crises in Sweden would lead to the reinforcement of far-right movements and Sweden’s Democratic Party led by Jimmie Åkesson and his companions. This is why Trump welcomes acts of terrorism in Sweden.


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