Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tehran’s Parvaneh Bazaar: A Heaven for Antiques Lovers

There is a fabulous weekly bazaar in Tehran for antiques, textiles, wood crafts and a wide range of other traditional and handicraft items, which are likely to have something to pique everyone’s interests.

In Parvaneh Friday Market, you may fail to find what you were looking for, but you will definitely find a whole lot more, perhaps even more interesting.

The weekly market is located in a multi-story parking lot in Jomhouri Street in downtown Tehran.

The place is used as a parking during the normal days, but on Fridays, it turns into an amusing and crowded bazaar involving thousands of interesting and memorable goods.

Created over 15 years ago by Tehran’s Municipality, the market has through the years developed its own identity, with specific salespeople, distinct audience and even its own culture.

The market’s huge diversity and its characteristics offer an ever-refreshing experience.

It’s easy to get caught up in the exciting bazaar, where each floor is dedicated to a different set of goods.

The first floor is an antique collector’s dream, with everything from vintage photos and records to home decor and paintings.

Here you can also find old padlocks and cameras, sculptures, pots and pans of a wide range of materials, from silver and copper to porcelain and crystal, kettles, typewriters, some old stamps and coins, colourful chandeliers, old radios, turn-tables and records, all sorts of books and even old match boxes.

The second and third floors display a wide range of handicrafts including colourful rugs, clothes, decorative items, accessories, jewellery, and more.

Other items that can be found in this market are different types of traditional pastry and homemade pickles, variety of musical instruments, old games and puzzles.

If you get hungry, there are plenty of kiosks selling delicious falafels, soup, and samosas.

The market is presumably the most popular flea market in the capital.

Following are photos of the lovely market retrieved from the Azad News Agency (ANA):

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