Friday, February 3, 2023

Tehran Denies Arrest of Iranian Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Kabul has rejected the claim that an Iranian suicide bomber has been arrested in Afghanistan.

Officials at the Iranian embassy in Kabul have rejected the claim that security forces have apprehended an Iranian suicide bomber in Afghanistan’s Nimruz province.

A press release by the Iranian embassy suggests that the Afghan government has, so far, presented no evidence and documents to prove the claim.

The Nimruz police chief had told media two days earlier that an Iranian suicide bomber had been arrested while attacking a security checkpoint in the province.

The police chief claimed the detained individual was an Iranian national, and that one of those killed in the attack on the checkpoint was his cousin.

However, the Iranian embassy says it still cannot confirm the news as Kabul has presented no document that would prove the individual is an Iranian.

The embassy’s press release has urged Afghan authorities to submit any relevant documents for further consideration.

“Of course, ISIS-linked elements have likely managed to enter Iran, but, given Iran’s measures and determination to fight terrorism, they cannot operate in Iran,” the press release reads.

As stipulated in the press release, Iran and Afghanistan have around 1,000 kilometres of common border across which some of the Afghan refugees residing in Iran travel illegally. So, there is a possibility that ISIS-linked elements cross the border to join ISIS in Afghanistan.

According to the embassy, five Iran-Afghanistan joint commissions are working together to forge closer mutual cooperation on security, border issues and fighting terrorism, and that the Iranian government hopes Tehran-Kabul security and border cooperation will make it possible to firmly combat terrorism on both sides of the common border.

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