Monday, January 30, 2023

Tehran, Caracas Exchange Experience, Info on Fight against COVID-19

Iran and Venezuela have discussed their latest information and experiences regarding the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting was held via video conference by representatives of health ministries of both countries, namely Mohsen Assadi Lari, the director general for international cooperation at the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and María Gabriela Miquilareno, the Venezuelan deputy health minister.

Their discussions followed a phone call between the presidents of both countries where they the two sides said they would share experiences in tackling the disease.

The representatives of the two countries’ health ministries exchanged information on the fight against the coronavirus and how to stem the spread of the disease.

They also discussed measures adopted to cushion the blow from US sanctions.

In the discussions, the Iranian representative explained Iran’s handling of the epidemic nationwide in accordance with measurers adopted by the National Coronavirus Headquarters and its committees, including the launching of diagnostic laboratories, the national campaign against coronavirus, the smart social distancing plan, the launching of certain applications, etc.

Among other measures adopted are drawing up plans to tap into volunteer popular forces’ potential, distribution of basic supplies, offering support aid to the needy, production of coronavirus diagnosis kits and protective gear, conducting clinical tests for the production of medicines and introducing several treatment methods, namely those using plasma and stem cells.

The Venezuelan official, in turn, expressed her country’s willingness to draw on Iran’s experience in containing the spread of the coronavirus.

She touched upon Iran’s achievements in fighting the coronavirus, including the establishment and equipment of numerous laboratories, implementation of the screening program, and the launching of a virtual training centre.

Also attending the discussions were several other top health official who made comments on Iran’s successful measures in containing the disease.

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