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Extensive study is required to discover the secrets of considerable quantity and quality of the ancient reliefs. Up to this date, however, no valid stylistic analysis on them has been published. What follows are Fars News Agency’s photos of Persepolis reliefs:

Persian Architecture in Photos: Reliefs of Persepolis

The reliefs that adorn the ancient palaces of Persepolis are considered to be among the most prominent remaining antiquities in the world.

‘Roman Wall’ of Iran among Top 2019 Discoveries: Live Science

The Live Science website has listed a 73-mile (115-kilometre) stone wall built between 2400 and 1400 years ago in Sarpol-e Zahab in Western Iran among the top archaeological discoveries of the world in 2019.
Ancient Works Discovered in Northern Iran (2)

Ancient Works Discovered in Northern Iran

Three fragments of colourful pots imprinted with images of birds, flowers and inscriptions from the early Islamic era have been discovered in the north of Iran.
Achaemenid Pool Discovered in Iran’s Pasargadae

Achaemenid Pool Discovered in Iran’s Pasargadae

Iranian archaeologists have discovered a trapezoidal blue pool dating back to the Achaemenid era in the southern Fars province.
Louvre Museum Hosts Seminar on Iran’s Ancient Sialk Hills

Louvre Museum Hosts Seminar on Iran’s Ancient Sialk Hills

The Louvre Museum of Paris has played host to a seminar entitled “Sialk, the Heart of Archaeology in Iran”.

Satellite Images Lead to Discovery of ‘Roman Wall’ in Iran

Satellite images have helped archaeologists to discover the remains of a stone wall, with a length of about 71 miles (115 km) long, in Sarpol-e Zahab in western Iran.
Iron Age Findings, Iran 

Iron Age Findings on Show in Western Iran 

An exhibition called “Archaeological Findings of the Iron Age in Western Iran" has been launched in the Archaeological Museum of Sanandaj in Kurdistan province. 
Ancient Illustration Celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s Life

Ancient Illustrations Celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s Life

Handwritten books penned by Muslim authors throughout history bear witness to their attachment to the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH).

Persepolis under Restoration by Archaeologists Without Borders

A team of international archaeologists and restorers who are affiliated with the Archaeology Without Borders foundation has commenced the second season of its activity in Iran’s UNESCO-tagged Persepolis, which was once the ceremonial capital of the mighty Achaemenid Empire.

Fossil-Bearing Site Discovered in Northeast Iran

An ancient site bearing fossils of hundreds of million years ago has been discovered in northeastern Iran.