Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Afghan Refugees in Iran

Afghan migrants in Iran join traditional wrestling tournament in Qom

Afghan nationals residing in Iran have gathered in the city of Qom, south of Tehran, from across the country to join a traditional wrestling competition.

Iran to give residence services to eligible Afghan refugees

The Iranian Interior Ministry says Tehran will give residence services to the eligible Afghan refugees who took part in the 2016 and 2017 censuses.

Official says number of Afghan students in Iran schools rises by 40%

The number of Afghan pupils at Iranian schools has increased by 40 percent to 800k from about 500k in previous years, an Iranian official says.

10 stabbed to death in Iran’s Rafsanjan

An Afghan national has killed six other Afghans and four Iranians in southeastern Iranian county of Rafsanjan in a stabbing spree following what the police called “personal differences”.

UNHCR lauds Iran for supporting refugees

A United Nations refugee agency official has praised Iran for bending over backwards to improve living conditions for millions of refugees during the past four decades and especially after the Taliban takeover in neighboring Afghanistan last year which triggered an influx of refugees.

Iran says illegal immigrants not registered by June 22 will be expelled

The Iranian Interior Ministry says all foreign nationals, who are staying in the country illegally, will be immediately deported if they fail to register with the ministry’s offices for registration of illegal immigrants by Wednesday.

Iran says Afghans failing to take part in census to be deported

Iran’s Interior Ministry says Afghans who fail to participate in an ongoing census for foreigners will be treated as illegal and deported from the country.

Iranian interior minister: Ongoing census mandatory for all Afghans

The Iranian interior minister says it’s mandatory for Afghan nationals living in Iran to take part in an ongoing census in the country.

Iran to register all Afghan refugees

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi says all Afghan refugees in the country will be identified and registered.

Expert: Iranian province bordering Afghanistan faces risk of measles outbreak

An Iranian health expert warns that the country’s northeastern Khorasan Razavi, which borders Afghanistan, is facing the risk of a measles outbreak amid a rise in the cases of the highly-contagious disease in the neighboring country.

Iranian daily warns against influx of Afghan refugees after Mashhad stabbing

An Iranian daily warns against a rise in the number of Afghan refugees arriving in Iran every day, saying the total number of the refugees seeking shelter in the Islamic Republic has reached 8 million so far.

Official: Dozens of measles cases detected in Iran

Iran’s deputy health minister says 164 measles cases have been detected in the country blaming it on the influx of Afghan refugees into Iran.

Iranian interior minister orders extension of Afghan poet’s visa

Iran’s interior minister Ahmad Vahidi has instructed the director general for foreign nationals’ affairs to extend young Afghan poet Najib Barvar’s visa asap.

Iran calls on Europe to fulfill pledges on Afghan migrants

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations has warned Europe that a great number of Afghan refugees will flood the continent if international promises to help the country tackle the problem of Afghan refugees، fail to materialize.

Iran FM calls on Intl. community to pay attention to Afghan refugees

The Iranian foreign minister says Tehran does not have the capacities to provide Afghan refugees with services more than the current level.

Iran calls on Europe to fulfill obligations regarding Afghan refugees

Iran has called on European countries and international organizations to fulfill their commitments regarding Afghan refugees.

‘Europeans should pay cost of Iran hosting illegal migrants’

Iran’s interior ministry says European countries should pay their share of the costs inflicted on the Islamic Republic by illegal migrants, using its territory to travel to Europe.

UN lauds Iran for hosting millions of Afghan migrants

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has hailed Iran for hosting millions of Afghan migrants.

UN warns of Afghan refugee surge, calls for urgent assistance

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi warned of a surge in Afghan refugees amid mounting fears of economic collapse in the war-ravaged country and called for urgent economic aid. The official stated he will travel to Tehran to discuss the issue with Iranian officials.

UN: Millions of Afghans starving as winter approaches

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says that war and insecurity in Afghanistan have displaced 3.5 million people in the country who are on the brink of poverty as the winter season is approaching.  

‘Inoculation of 4m Afghan migrants against Covid key Iran achievement ‘

The World Health Organization’s representative in Iran says four million Afghan refugees have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Iran, which is a great achievement.

Iran embassy urges Intl. community help with refugee influx

The Iranian embassy in Belgium underlined the need for the international community to support Afghan refugees residing in Iran.

Iran MP calls for regional taskforce to help Afghan refugees

A member of Iran’s parliament’s National Security Commission has called for the establishment of a regional taskforce to help Afghan refugees, amid the crisis in the country.

UNHCR praises Iran support for Afghan refugees

Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Iran Ivo Freijsen has lauded the Islamic Republic's support for Afghan refugees.

“Iran alone as world closed eyes on plight of Afghans”

An Iranian immigration official says the world has closed its eye on the realities of Afghanistan complaining that no country other than Iran is ready to admit Afghan migrants.

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