Iranian daily warns against security fallout of Afghans’ increased immigration into Iran

An Iranian newspaper has warned against the security repercussions of the growing number of Afghan nationals entering the country.

“Using the term ‘foreign nationals’ to refer to those involved in the recent attack on the Shah Cherag holy shrine in the city of Shiraz tells us an important point, which the country’s political, intelligence and security officials should pay attention to,” wrote Jomhouri-e Eslami.

“Although it was announced that the perpetrator of the attack was of Tajik nationality, other individuals arrested on charges of complicity with him have other nationalities,” the paper added. “It is this very point which urges us to think about the presence of foreign nationals in our country and its numerous negative consequences, which have gripped our society and which seem to be increasing,” the daily explained.

Two people were killed and six others wounded in the terror attack on the holy shrine in Shiraz on Sunday evening. The main perpetrator is a Tajik national.

Around five million Afghan refugees are residing in Iran.

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