Informed source rejects Iranian daily report on US stance regarding JCPOA revival talks

An informed source has told IRNA that a report by an Iranian newspaper about the US’s response to Iran’s proposals regarding the talks over the revival of the Iran nuclear deal, is totally baseless and a lie.

The source was referring to the report by the Jomroury-e-Eslami Daily.

He described the report as having nothing to do with truth and riddled with false information, adding that many of the points referred to by the newspaper are no longer the topic of negotiations.

The source noted that some foreign sides have waged a propaganda campaign to pressure Iran and they are spreading false information about the trend of the Vienna talks.

The Jomroury-e-Eslami newspaper recently claimed that the US has rejected three key demands of Iran that include guarantees that Western and Asian companies will do business with Iran.

According to this report, the US has said it cannot force any companies to do business in Iran.

The daily added that the other demand of Iran was that the US must give assurances that European companies will be shielded against sanctions.

Jomroury-e-Eslami says Washington has also rejected this demand, saying US President Joe Biden can give assurances that it will not prevent companies from working in Iran during his tenure and that he has no control over his successor.

The other demand pertains to SWIFT.

The newspaper claims the US has turned down Iran’s demand Tehran be allowed to use the system without abiding by SWIFT global payment system’s rules and regulations that require accession to the FATF.

Jomroury-e-Eslami says the US has said it cannot force SWIFT to change its rules and regulations.

The source stressed that under these circumstances, Iranian media should
act responsibly and avoid disseminating information that is dubious.

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