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Iranian sociologist warning: Iran’s middle class has lost hope of building future

An Iranian sociologist and university professor has warned that Iran’s middle class has to some extent lost hope of building the future.

Bijan Abdolkarimi was speaking about the latest unrest in Iran that erupted following death of 22-year-old Iranian girl in morality police custody.

Abdolkarimi made the comments in an interview with Nournews that is affiliated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council.

He called for a new discourse to be forged using a new language in order to garner popular support.

Abdolkarimi also said there is no political will yet to find a new tool for communication with people, adding that officials keep using their traditional tools, namely force and the law enforcement.

Abdolkarimi noted that preserving the young generation of Iranians must be the top priority for officials.

He added that despite all hardships, the Iranian people are patient and this is a sign of national prudence in the country.

The Iranian sociologist maintained that a system can, through recognizing the identity of the young generation, use it as a tool for communication so that the youth would still tie their future to the progress and development of their country.

Abdolkarimi also stressed that officials should avoid hiding the truth from society for the sake of maintaining expediency and to such an extent that they are no longer able to give a proper response to events.

He went on to say that mishaps are an integral part of social life and do not serve as a proper yardstick for labeling and isolation.

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