Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Social Distancing Slows Pace of COVID-19 Infection in Iran: Rouhani

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The Iranian president says the drop in the pace of coronavirus infection in the country is due to citizens’ abidance by the social distancing plan and businesses’ compliance with health protocols.

In remarks on Saturday, Hassan Rouhani thanked people for staying at home to help stem the spread of the virus.

“A considerable number of people have not only observed health directives, but also have abided by the ‘stay-at-home’ motto very well and have not left home except for necessary affairs,” the president said at a meeting with heads of expert committees of the National Coronavirus Headquarters.

President Rouhani further called on the health ministry to specify conditions for medium-risk businesses to resume work.

The president also asked local media as well as the state radio and TV to keep urging people to observe health protocols, stay at home and avoid nonessential travel.

“The Ministry of Health and Medical Education should work closely with relevant institutions to offer training to people and convince them of the necessity of abiding by the regulations and directives communicated to businesses which have resumed work,” he said.

The president further said the reopening of educational centres depends on the extent to which the spread of the coronavirus will be contained in the coming weeks.

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