Thursday, April 18, 2024

Shiite Muslims to Observe Arbaeen Remotely over Pandemic: Iran

Iran’s health minister says this year’s Arbaeen march, which is to mark the fortieth day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), will be held remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Saeed Namaki said in a phone conversation with Iraqi Health Minister Hassan al-Tamimi that in the year of the Coronavirus pandemic, perhaps the best way to express devoutness to Imam Hussein (AS) is new methods not experienced before.

The Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the ulema as well as cultural figures in Iran and Iraq must come together to make a more detailed plan for the Arbaeen mourning ceremony this year, noted Namaki.

“It is necessary to form a joint committee between the Ministries of Health of the two countries to hold the glorious mourning ceremony of Arbaeen remotely. With the cooperation of the two countries, we are trying to seriously fight COVID-19 in order to contain the disease as soon as possible,” added Namaki.

Iran’s minister of health emphasized that the country’s relationship with the honourable people and the land of Iraq is historic and will never be broken.

“This year in Iran, with the support of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, a very glorious but protocol-based Muharram ceremony was held. We were able to follow health protocols in such a way that the least harm from the corona virus was recorded.”

For his part, the Iraqi health minister said it is very nice to hear good news from Iran about the control of COVID-19 and the reduction of the number of deaths.

“We continuously follow the actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the control of this disease and we have learned lessons in this regard,” underlined Tamimi.

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