Sanctions Force Iranian MMA Fighter to Quit UFC

Sanctions Force Iranian MMA Fighter to Quit UFC

Iranian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Amir Aliakbari has had to bow out of the UFC –an American MMA promotion company- after the US sanctions against Iran prevented him from transferring his earnings.

The professional Iranian wrestler and MMA fighter Aliakbari says he was left with no choice but to terminate his contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) when the US’ economic sanctions against Iran barred him from transferring his income.

The heavyweight division fighter said he has been figuring out for six months in close consultation with the UFC to solve the problem, but he ultimately decided to drop out of the American company after his efforts went nowhere.

“Unfortunately, I could not claim compensation. I didn’t do anything to claim compensation either, because I will finally return to the UFC someday, that’s why I didn’t want to leave the UFC inappropriately or engage in a struggle,” the 31-year-old athlete said.

Aliakbari said the American company put off his fights for seven months, but at last, he could not attend a bout although he had exercised very hard.

“All of my plans have been based upon transparency and honesty, and I have provided the documentation as well. But I never thought I would be out of the UFC because of the sanctions,” he noted.

Aliakbari joined the UFC in May 2019. He used to compete under the Rizin banner between 2016 and 2017, defeating many renowned fighters. The only defeat of his MMA career came against veteran Mirko Cro Cop in December 2016.

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  1. bunch of Liars idiots commenting…. he had Visa problem .its 2020 and hes signing a contract with dominance MMA(Ali Abdelaziz) .hes world class Athletes not a doper like Brock lesner or Jon jones

  2. Everyone saying it’s abot PED use is full of shit . There are sanctions keeping Iranians from transferring their money to Iran . Trump era sanctions . The only reason we are seeing an Iranian wrestler in MMA to start is because of his ban from wrestling due to PEDS . wrestling otherwise overshadows MMA to Iranians as of now .

  3. They terminated his agreement not due to sanctions, thats a lie, but due to his PED use. He is saying this to save face. His own people have turned against him because he actually challenged anybody in Iran to a fight.

  4. So he joined in may 2019 and made millions? That is a straight up lie. Never knew he existed and he is definitely not known in the ufc and apparently making millions lol stop lying.


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