Russia Hosting ‘Beautiful Iran’ Photo Exhibition

Photo of Tehran's Tabiat Bridge by Ebrahim Safi

A photo exhibition called “The Beautiful Iran” has opened at the state Russian museum of photography, showcasing photographs of Iran’s historical, architectural and mysterious attractions and landscapes to the audience.

The exhibition features about 40 works by contemporary Iranian artists such as Seyyed Ali Miremadi, Mohammad Reza Momeni, Hamid Hashemi, Ebrahim Saafi, etc.

Snow-capped peaks of northern Iran, night-time views of Tehran, and tombs of classical Persian poets have been displayed in these photographs.

The exhibition is being held with the support of the Iran’s Embassy in Russia. The Congress of Persian-speaking Ethnic Groups will also be held in collaboration with Nizhny Novgorod Regional Social Organisation.

On the sideline of this event, Persian language workshops are being held as well.

Iran is one of the most ancient countries in the world with rich history and traditional cultures.

What follows are Mehr News Agency’s photos of the exhibition, which will run through September 22:

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