Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Release of Prisoner Who Got Married While He Was on Death Row

An Iranian prisoner, who had been sentenced to death for manslaughter, was forgiven after getting married inside the prison.

Prisoner- Got Married“The $46,000 blood money this prisoner had to pay was paid by a benefactor, so he will be released soon after the legal formalities,” announced Mohammad Mardani, the head of Rajaeishahr Prison, according to a Farsi report by website.

The prisoner, named “Amir-Mehrdad”, has been in Rajaeishahr Prison since 2009, convicted of killing his nephew during a family quarrel.

The victim’s family had demanded death penalty for the convict; however, recently Amir-Mehrdad got married in prison, and this convinced the victim’s relatives to forgive him if he could pay them the blood money.
IFP has earlier published the story of the educated girl who married Amir-Mehrdad even though she knew he would be executed.

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